Echoes of Oban 2011

The College of Piping is once again holding its annual Echoes of Oban Recital this year on the 26th of November. Starting at 7pm, the Echoes will feature almost all of the winners from the 2011 Argyllshire Gathering including P/M Chris Armstrong winner of the Former Winners MSR, Gold Medallist and Open Jig winner Calum Beaumont, Silver Medallist Gordon Bruce, ‘A’ March Winner Neil Walker, ‘A’ S/ R Winner Finlay Johnston, ‘B’ March Winner Mike Fitzhenry, and ‘B’ Light Music prize winner Gavin Ferguson (3rd S/R, 2nd March).

The ‘Echoes of Oban’ was an event held annually in the 1950s and 1960s, when the winners from the Argyllshire Gathering each year were invited to play their winning
tunes at a concert in Glasgow. This gave those who had been unable to attend the Gathering a chance to hear some of the winning performances, while those who had
attended were able to enjoy the performances again in a relaxed social atmosphere.
The College restarted this tradition again in 2008 and has held it every year since.

To finance the 2011 event, the College is having a Grand Prize Draw because of generous supported by the following:

  • RG Hardie Bagpipes (Blackwood pipe chanter)
  • McCallum Bagpipes (MC2 and C3 Blackwood pipe chanter)
  • David Naill Bagpipes (Blackwood pipe chanter)
  • MG Reeds (Set of Mark 2 Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds and 10 Chanter Reeds)
  • Murray Blair (Bagpiper Case, a MBT2 Bagpipe Tuner, and 5 Packs of Tuning Tape)
  • Greentrax Records (a complete set of Masters of Piobaireachd CDs)
  • College of Piping shop (Binneas is Boreraig and John MacFadyen Book)

Tickets for the Echoes are priced at £5 at the door and raffle tickets are priced at £2 each or £8 for 5 and £15 for 10 at our online shop. Tickets are already on sale and will be drawn on the night. With four different pipe chanters and an assortment of other prizes this is a great chance to get a new chanter for the next season or an early Xmas present. We look forward to another excellent night of piping at one of the best events of the winter!