Army Piper Climbs The Paps of Jura for Memorial Fund

Captain Gordon Rowan from Tiree, who is based at The Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming (ASBM&HD), recently climbed the Paps of Jura to help raise £1,000 towards a memorial garden costing £40,000, which is being built at Inchdrewer House in Edinburgh, the home of Army piping and drumming. Within the memorial garden will be a cairn with a bronze piper on top along with a bronze statuette of a drummer, which has already been kindly donated to the memorial fund.


The garden will be a place to honour and remember all the pipers and drummers who have given their lives in various conflicts over the years.

The climb was completed despite weather conditions that were less than ideal – unfortunately, the cloud base was very low with dense fog. Captain Rowan was accompanied on the climb by Dr Stephen Bradshaw and also Robert Cameron from Police Scotland Mountain Rescue Team, whose expertise along with his i-pad navigational system came in very handy! Although the climb was very challenging and at times rather scary, Captain Rowan said that it felt fantastic to have accomplished it successfully and with no blisters! He would like to thank the crew on the Jura ferry for their words of encouragement before undertaking the climb.


At the top of Beinn an Oir, the highest peak, Captain Rowan launched the Captain John A MacLellan MBE Piping Championship which is to be held at Inchdrewer House on 5 October 2013. Launch of the competition was difficult due to the weather conditions, however, ASBM&HD are pleased to announce the sponsorship from Wounded in Service Events, McCallum Bagpipes, The Royal British Legion Scotland and a distillery to be announced as soon as their re-brand is complete (announcement will follow once complete).