Changes to Canmore Bags

Statement from Canmore:

As you know the CANMORE® pipe bag is a technically advanced fabric pipe bag which is based on a specially developed GORE-TEX® membrane from W.L Gore and Associates (UK) Ltd.

Recently we were advised by W L Gore and Associates that the fabric we currently purchase from them will no longer be manufactured at their facility.  Over the last few months, we have been liaising with them regarding an alternative fabric.

We now have a new fabric which you should start to notice from the end of February 2014.  We would like to reassure you that the new fabric has the same technical specification as our previous fabric.

The only change you should notice is that all our bags will now be in the colour black, we will no longer supply the Canmore pipe bag in the colour green.  I can confirm that this makes no difference to either the technical aspect or indeed quality of the Canmore pipe bag.

We have taken this as an opportunity to move forward and over the next few months you will also notice that all our bags will have a new heat sealed Canmore Logo, this will replace the old original sew in labels.

Nothing else has changed, we give our guarantee that our bags will continue to be manufactured in the same way using the new advanced GORE-TEX® fabric (sold exclusively to Canmore Pipe Bags Ltd), we will continue to manufacture to the same high quality standard.