Arrival Information

Students should aim to arrive and check-in to accommodation for an 8am start on Wednesday 22nd June.

At 8am on Wednesday 22nd June an assembly will be held in Hester Hall of the Henkel Building building, where students will be given full details of the week and what they can expect. As part of this students will be required to give a brief audition in order to allocate students to the group they will be taught in for the rest of the week. This is not a test but merely gives the teachers a better understanding of you playing ability.

After all the auditions are complete, students will be informed of groupings and then given any other relevant information. They will also be given a music book ONLY if they have pre-bought one. The music pack will be emailed out to everyone and if students prefer they can print it off for themselves.

Henkel Hall is number 24 on the Campus Map: