The daily program will cover all aspects of performance including practice routines, technique, musical expression, tuning and ensemble playing.

Students will be taught in a small group of similar ability for three to four hours per day with practice time built in. There will also be a workshop a day and if you have any specific topics you would like to discuss please let the teachers know at the introductory meeting on the Monday.

Beginner level piping students are advised to bring/ buy in advance, a copy of The National Piping Centre’s Tutor Book 1; this can be done on-line from The National Piping Centre Shop.

Pipers will have the opportunity and are encouraged to sit Piping and Drumming Qualification Board examinations. For more information on these exams please go to the PDQB page.

Timetables, student information and music packs (if purchased)will be issued on Monday afternoon.
Please note you must have purchased a copy of the music book in advance to get one on the Monday. If you would prefer not to buy one you can print it out for your selves as we will send en electronic copy out to everyone before the school starts.

All students are encouraged to bring recording equipment to classes.