The Archie Kenneth Quaich Competition 2015

The twenty-third annual amateur Piobaireachd competition for the Archie Kenneth Quaich will take place on Saturday, 7th March 2015, in the rooms of The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, 127 Rose Street Lane South, Edinburgh, starting at 10am.

Entries and enquiries to Alan Forbes, 24 Garscube Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 6BN. Tel: 0131-337 4094 or e-mail:

Competitors should submit two tunes with their entries, one of which they will be asked to play. Competitors may not submit any tune with which they have previously won first prize in the competition.

Conditions for eligibility are as follows:

  1. Competitors must be aged twenty or over.
  2. Competitors must be amateur pipers.
  3. In particular, the following are not eligible:
    1. holders of the Army School of Piping’s Pipe Major Certificate;
    2. anyone who has won a prize in open competition or who has, within the past five years, taken part in open competition;
    3. anyone who has taken part in public recitals with professional players.
  4. Anyone in doubt about their eligibility to play should contact the competition organiser for advice.

There will be a maximum of twenty-five competitors selected on a first come first served basis.

Scots Guards Association Pipers Branch Junior Solo Piping Competition




Inchdewar House, Colinton Road

by Redford Barracks, Edinburgh

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November2014


 Competition A- March

(For competitors aged   11and not yet 15 years on 22 November 2014)

One 4 parted 2/4 March of own choice to commence 10am

1st Prize –Trophy and gift token

2nd Prize gift token and shield miniature

3rd Prize gift token and shield miniature

4th Prize gift token and shield miniature


Competition B- Strathspey and Reel

(For competitors aged11 and not yet 15 Years on 22 November 2014

One 4-parted Strathspey and Reel of own choice to commence 10am

1st Prize  Trophy, gift token

2nd Prize gift token and shield miniature

3rd Prize gift token and shield miniature

4th Prize gift token and shield miniature


Competition C – Piobaireachd

(For competitors aged 11and not yet 15 Years on 22 November 2014)

One Piobaireachd of own choice to be submitted – commence 10am

1st Prize – trophy, gift token

2nd Prize gift token and shield miniature

3rd Prize gift token and shield miniature

4th Prize gift token and shield miniature


Competition D- March Strathspey and Reel

(For competitors aged 15 and not yet 18 on 23 November 2014)

Two March Strathspey and Reel sets to be submitted – commence 10am

1st Trophy , gift token

2nd Prize gift token and shield miniature

2nd Prize gift token and shield miniature

4th Prize gift token and shield miniature


Competition E Piobaireachd

(For competitors aged 15 and not yet 18 on 23 November 2014

Two tunes to be submitted commence 10am

1st Prize Trophy , gift token

2nd Prize gift token and shield miniature

3rd Prize gift token and shield miniature

4th Prize gift token and shield miniature


There are extra prizes  being sponsored and these will be allocated on the day


Download Application form Here: Junior_Solo_Piping_entry_Forms_& info

City of Brechin Competition Draw

The City of Brechin Pipe Band solo piping and drumming competition will take place on 20 September 2014.

The Draw for the competition is as follows:

EVENT 1 CHANTER starts 9:00

1 Jack Liddell Bendochy
2 Ellie Cudworth Kirkmichael
3 Zoe Bruce Kirriemuir
4 Alistair Taylor Coupar Angus
5 Jake Howie Stonehaven
6 Ben MacDermid Monifieth
7 Freya Ross Carnoustie
8 Finlay MacIntosh Perth
9 Ian Taylor Coupar Angus
10 Catriona Duthie  
11 Drew McDonald Forfar
12 Krzysztof Black Monikie
13 Leon Carnegie Monifieth
14 Liam Campbell Forfar
15 Rory Moffat  


EVENT 2 NOVICE  starts approx 9:45

1 Ciaran Kidd Monifieth
2 Gregor Cunningham Blairgowrie
3 Robert Smith Blairgowrie
4 Glen Kelly Monifieth
5 Tom Sinclair Wolfhill


EVENT 3 INTERMEDIATE starts approx 10:15

1 Owen Woodcock Forfar
2 John Cumming Dunfermline
3 Matthew McSheffrey Kirriemuir
4 Liam Brown Johnshaven
5 Garret Rodgers  
6 Andrew Young Laurencekirk
7 Tod Bannerman Coupar Angus
8 Bruce Patullo  


EVENT 4 UNDER 15 PIOB starts 9:00

1 Owen Sweeney Carnoustie
2 Christopher Happs Midlothian
3 Jordan Ednie Monifieth


EVENT 5 15-18 PIOB starts approx 9:30

1 Liam Donaldson Kirriemuir
2 Callum Brown Peterculter
3 Callum Douglas Coupar Angus
4 Jamie Falconer Arbroath
5 Theo Pratt  
6 Aaron Bryce Perth



Starts approx 10:30

1 Owen Sweeney Carnoustie
2 Jordan Ednie Monifieth
3 Christopher Happs Midlothian
4 Brogan Townsley Perth


EVENT 7 15-18 MSR

Starts approx 13:00

1 Liam Mulheron Dunfermline
2 Theo Pratt  
3 Liam Donaldson Kirriemuir
4 Ewan Cameron Madras College
5 Douglas Mair Kinross
6 Jamie Falconer Arbroath
7 Callum Douglas Coupar Angus
8 Callum Brown Peterculter
9 Sean McHugh Elgin
10 Aaron Bryce Perth
11 Grant Sanderson Finavon
12 Murray Watt Alford



Starts approx14:15

1 Liam Brown Johnshaven
2 Christopher Happs Midlothian
3 Robert Smith Blairgowrie
4 Owen Woodcock Forfar
5 John Cumming Dunfermline
6 Jordan Ednie Monifieth
7 Matthew McSheffrey Kirriemuir
8 Owen Sweeney Carnoustie
9 Brogan Townsley Perth


EVENT 9 15-18 JIG

Starts approx 15:00

1 Sean McHugh Elgin
2 Grant Sanderson Finavon
3 Liam Mulheron Dunfermline
4 Alasdair Johnston  
5 Aaron Bryce Perth
6 Ewan Cameron Madras College
7 Callum Brown Peterculter
8 Callum Douglas Coupar Angus
9 Murray Watt Alford
10 Liam Donaldson Kirriemuir
11 Douglas Mair Kinross
12 Theo Pratt  


EVENT 10 UNDER 15 6/8

Starts approx11:00

1 Jordan Ednie Monifieth
2 Tod Bannerman Coupar Angus
3 Brogan Townsley Perth
4 Owen Woodcock Forfar
5 Robert Smith Blairgowrie
6 Matthew McSheffrey Kirriemuir
7 Tom Sinclair Wolfhill
8 Liam Brown Johnshaven
9 Christopher Happs Midlothian
10 Gregor Cunningham Blairgowrie
11 Owen Sweeney Carnoustie


EVENT 11 15-18 6/8

Starts approx 13:00

1 Sean McHugh Elgin
2 Liam Donaldson Kirriemuir
3 Aaron Bryce Perth
4 Jamie Falconer Arbroath
5 Liam Mulheron Dunfermline
6 Mark Donnachie Carnoustie
7 Ewan Cameron Madras College
8 Grant Sanderson Finavon
9 Callum Brown Peterculter
10 Theo Pratt  
11 Andrew Young Laurencekirk
12 Douglas Mair Kinross
13 Callum Douglas Coupar Angus


Events 12 & 13 Open Piping MSR an Hornpipe and Jig have no entrants

Anyone wishing to enter can do so on the day and is likely to start approx 15:45


Starts 9:00

1 Logan Grant Woodside
2 Dana Liddell Blairgowrie
3 Robert Sinclair Wolfhill
4 Tommi McAndrew Laurencekirk
5 Bayley Cudworth Kirkmichael



Starts approx 9:20

1 Josh Craigie Carnoustie
2 Lewis Christie Monifieth
3 Jack Hart Carnoustie
4 Ross Pattullo Coupar Angus
5 Alexander Tannahill Coupar Angus
6 Andrew Mands Coupar Angus
7 Erinne Black Brechin
8 Fiona Downie Pitlochry
9 Darren Nairn Coupar Angus
10 Matthew Crichton Cove
11 Hannah Mitchell Aberdeen
12 Matthew Tough Cove
13 Finlay Watt Alford
14 Murray Borthwick Monifieth
15 Rebecca Oswald Perth




Starts approx 11:15

1 Innes McKay Montrose
2 Eryn Sinclair New Alyth
3 Craig Foggo Leuchars
4 Chloe Taylor Strathtay
5 Abby Sutherland Crieff
6 Adam Robertson Kellas



Starts approx 14:30

1 Craig Foggo Leuchars
2 Chloe Taylor Strathtay
3 Brian Martin Peterculter
4 Abby Sutherland Crieff
5 Lachlan Gibb  
6 Christopher Carter Portlethen
7 Innes McKay Montrose
8 Laura Oswald Perth




Starts approx 15:15

1 Abby Sutherland Crieff
2 Lachlan Gibb  
3 Christopher Carter Portlethen
4 Brian Martin Peterculter



Starts approx 10:30

1 Zoe Pattullo Coupar Angus
2 Amy Hart Carnoustie
3 Billie Louise Halstead Glenrothes
4 Anna Pearson Laurencekirk
5 Christopher Lorimer Carnoustie
6 Liam Sim Aberdeen
7 Ewan Noble Carnoustie
8 Erin Gillies Perth
9 Cassidy McDade Glenrothes
10 Danielle MacDermid Monifieth
11 Sarah Tannahill Coupar Angus



Starts approx 13:00

1 Amy Hart Carnoustie
2 Eilidh Duthie  
3 Christopher Lorimer Carnoustie
4 Andrew Bonnar Kircaldy
5 Ewan Noble Carnoustie
6 Aaron Bryce Perth
7 Holly Ross Carnoustie
8 Sophie Martin Peterculter
9 Bethany Guthrie Kirriemuir
10 Danielle MacDermid Monifieth



Starts approx 14:00

1 Bethany Guthrie Kirriemuir
2 Sophie Martin Peterculter
3 Erin Gillies Perth
4 Aaron Bryce Perth


EVENT 23 OPEN TENOR     Starts approx 15:45

1 Bethany Guthrie Kirriemuir
2 Sarah Grant Turriff


All start times are approximate and subject to change if required

Northern Meeting 2014 Results

Highland Society of London Gold Medal
1st Douglas Murray
2nd William Geddes
3rd Finlay Johnston
4th Peter McCalister
5th Alastair Lee

Silver Star Former Winners’ MSR
1st Niall Stewart
2nd Willie McCallum
3rd Stuart Liddell
4th Jack Lee
5th Gordon Walker

1st Iain Speirs
2nd Stuart Liddell
3rd Jack Lee
4th Bruce Gandy
5th Callum Beaumont

Silver Medal
1st Angus J MacColl
2nd Colin Campbell
3rd Michael Fitzhenry
4th Alex Gandy
5th Connor Sinclair

A Grade MSR
1st Alex Gandy
2nd Finlay Johnston
3rd Sean McKeown
4th Alasdair Henderson
5th Jenny Hazzard

A Grade Hornpipe and Jig

1st Alasdair Henderson
2nd Colin Campbell
3rd Stuart Liddell
4th Greg Wilson
5th Alex Gandy

B Grade MSR
1st Ashley Carmichael
2nd Steven Gray
3rd Ben Duncan
4th George Stewart
5th Connor Sinclair

B Grade Hornpipe and Jig
1st George Stewart
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Matt Pantaleoni
4th Steven Gray
5th Sarah Muir

Champion Piper of the Northern Meeting

Stuart Liddell

Northern Meeting CLASP 2014 Draw

Starting at 9.30am Sharp

Grade 3 – Piobaireachd Ground

  1. Stephen Whitton
  2. Neil Mitchel
  3. Robert Thomson

Grade 2 – Piobaireachd

  1. Michael McGowan
  2. Douglas Maxwell
  3. Liza MacFarquhar
  4. Janette Greenwood

Grade 1 – Piobaireachd

  1. Susy Klinger
  2. Bob Low
  3. Michael Graham
  4. John MacLeod
  5. Stephen Ross
  6. Andrew Park

Grade 3 – 2/4 March, followed by Strathspey and Reel

  1. Robert Thomson
  2. Douglas Maxwell

Grade 2 – 2/4 March, followed by Strathspey and Reel

  1. Liza MacFarquhar
  2. Janette Greenwood
  3. Neil Mitchel
  4. Michael McGowan

Grade 1 MSR

  1. John MacLeod
  2. Stephen Whitton
  3. Bob Low
  4. Andrew Park
  5. Susy Klinger
  6. Michael Graham

Argyllshire Gathering 2014 Results

Photo Derek Maxwell

Bruce Gandy, Senior Piobaireachd winner – Photo Derek Maxwell

Senior Piobaireachd

  1. Bruce Gandy – “Lament for the Laird of Annapool”
  2. Stuart Liddell – “Lament for the Laird of Annapool”
  3. Angus MacColl – “Donald Gruamach’s March”
  4. Faye Henderson – “The Red Speckled Bull”
  5. Willie McCallum – “Abercairney’s Salute”

Judges: Colin MacLellan, Malcolm McRae, Andrew Wright

Highland Society of London Gold Medal

  1. Douglas Murray – “MacNeill of Barra’s March”
  2. Ian K. MacDonald – “Lament for the Only Son”
  3. Andrea Boyd – “The Big Spree”
  4. Glenn Brown – “Lament for the Departure of King James”
  5. Andrew Hayes – “The Big Spree”

Judges: Iain MacFadyen, Robert Wallace, John Wilson

Silver Medal

  1. Decker Forrest – “MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute”
  2. Angus J. MacColl – “MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute”
  3. Sean McKeown – “Kinlochmoidart No.1″
  4. Stuart Easton – “The Groat”
  5. Sandy Cameron – “The Battle of Aldearn No.2″

Judges: Patrick Molard, Willie Morrison, Stuart Samson

MacGregor Memorial

  1. Cameron MacDougall – “The Battle of Auldearn No.2″
  2. Scott Barrie – “Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay”
  3. Irsa Beckford – “The Unjust Incarceration”

Judges: Ian Duncan, Ronnie McShannon, Stuart Shedden, Bob Worrall

Silver Star Former Winners MSR

  1. Stuart Liddell
  2. Willie MacCallum
  3. Gordon McReady
  4. Angus MacColl
  5. Gordon Walker

Judges: Walter Cowan, Barry Donaldson, John MacDougall

A-Grade March

  1. Craig Sutherland
  2. Alasdair Henderson
  3. Alistair Dunn
  4. Alex Gandy
  5. Andrew Hayes
  6. Bill Geddes

Judges: Iain MacLellan, Robert Wallace, Bob Worrall

A-Grade Strathspey & Reel

  1. Craig Sutherland
  2. Alastair Lee
  3. Alasdair Henderson
  4. Andrew Hayes
  5. Iain Speirs
  6. Jamie Forrester

Judges: Ian Duncan, Willie Morrison, John Wilson

Premier & A-Grade Jig

  1. Fred Morrison
  2. Alasdair Henderson
  3. Steven Gray
  4. Alex Gandy
  5. Gordon McCready

Judges: Andrew Frater, Bruce Hitchings, Malcolm McRae

B-Grade March

  1. John Lee
  2. Andrew Lee
  3. Greig Canning
  4. Steven Gray
  5. Decker Forrest

Judges: Walter Cowan, Iain MacFadyen, Patrick Molard

B-Grade Strathspey & Reel

  1. Eric Ouellette
  2. Colin Campbell
  3. Angus J. MacColl
  4. Ben Duncan
  5. Connor Sinclair

Judges: Barry Donaldson, Colin MacLellan, Ronnie MacShannon