Margaret is back!

The National Piping Centre would like to welcome Margaret Dunn back to work after her spell on maternity leave. Margaret is available again for lessons and her hours include both daytime and evening teaching. Our variety of tuition services allows pipers worldwide to avail of our high teaching standards, with Skype proving an extremely effective method of teaching for our further away students. To check availability, or book a lesson please email or call the NPC on 0141 353 0220.

The 14th Annual Duncan Johnstone Memorial Piping Competition


Saturday 9th March saw The 14th Annual Duncan Johnstone Memorial Piping Competition take place at The National Piping Centre, Glasgow. A full day of fantastic piping concluded with the following results. Congratulations to everyone who competed on the day.

B Piobaireachd  C Piobaireachd
The Barbara Gilles Trophy The Jimmie McGregor Trophy
1 Steven Gray 1 Matt Fraser
2 Darach Urquhart 2 Kris Coyle
3 Donald Macleod 3 Christopher Gray
4 George Stewart 4 Hayley McInnes
5 Robert Gibb 5 Ross Hume
The 1745 Trophy The National Piping Centre Trophy
1 Sarah Muir 1 Stuart McCallum
2 Alexander Scougall 2 Andy Gray
3 Graham Drummond 3 Mael Sicard-Cras
4 Kris Coyle 4 Ross Hume
5 Steven Leask 5 Glenn Ross
B/C Jig
The Keepers of the Quaich Trophy
1 Bradley Parker
2 Connor Sinclair
3 Graham Drummond
4 George Stewart
5 Kristopher Coyle
Overall Winner
The Jimmy McIntosh MBE Quaich
Graham  Drummond



2013 Junior Competition Results

Junior Competition Winners 2013

On Saturday 23rd February The National Piping Centre hosted its 17th Junior Piping Competition.

The day saw over 40 young pipers from across the country competing in various categories from chanter competitions to Piobaireachd. All competitors showed great levels of skill and talent and it was fantastic to meet so many young people who are passionate about the pipes.

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Overall Winners

15-17 Years Champion: Daniel McDermott    

Under 15 Years Champion: Harry McLachlan

Chanter Champion: Ruari Buchan

Category A Event 1 Category A Event 2 Category A Event 3
15-17 Piobaireachd 15-17 MSR 15-17 Jig
 1st  Scott Barrie 1st  Scott Barrie 1st  Daniel McDermott
2nd  Daniel McDermott 2nd  Daniel McDermott 2nd  Andrew Clark
3rd  Cameron MacDougall 3rd  Lucy Ferguson 3rd  Iain Crawford
4th  Iain Crawford 4th  Andrew Clark 4th  Seamus O’Baoighill
5th  Lucy Ferguson 5th  Iain Crawford 5th   Lucy Ferguson
6th  Rebecca Tierney 6th  Rebecca Tierney 6th   Scott Barrie
Category B Event 4 Category B Event 5 Category B Event 6 Category B Event 7
U 15 Piobaireachd U 15 Piob (Ground) U 15 March U 15 S&R
1st  Kyle Shead 1st  Ciardha Baxter 1st  Harry McLachlan 1st  Harry MacLachlan
2nd  Harry McLachlan 2nd  Blair Dickinson 2nd  Donald Stewart 2nd  Joshua Townsley
3rd  Brighde Chaimbeul 3rd  Joshua Townsley 3rd  Aaron Hossain
4th  Joshua Townsley 4th   Aaron Hossain 4th  Donald Stewart
5th  Donald Stewart 5th  Robbie MacIsaac 5th  James Miller
6th  Aaron Hossain 6th  Calum Ian Brown 6th  Robbie MacIsaac
Category C Event 8 Category C Event 9
Chanter – Slow Air Chanter – March
1st  Ruari Buchan 1st  Euan Thomson
2nd  Archie Clark 2nd  Cameron McLay
3rd  Eosaph Caimbeul 3rd  Ruari Buchan


Metro Express 2013 Results




Grade 2 Piobaireachd

1. Andrew Chalfoun

2. James Dyson

3. Misha Murdoch

Grade 2 MSR

1. James Dyson

2. Sean Buchta

3. Chase Hamilton

Overall Grade 2 Winner

James Dyson – Naill Bagpipes




Grade 3 Piobaireachd

1. Michaela Harper

2. Kirsten Deal

3. Thomas Cangelosi

Grade 3 March

1. Steve Grubber

2. Michaela Harper

3. Kirsten Deal

Grade 3 Strathspey and Reel

1. Michaela Harper

2. Jacob Laughlin

3. Steve Grubber

Overall Grade 3 Winner

Michaela Harper – McCallum Bagpipes




Grade 4 Piobaireachd

1. John Henderson

2. Garret MacKenzie

Grade 4 Piobaireachd Ground

1. Sarah Day

Grade 4 March

1. John Henderson

2. Daniel Curtin

3. Sarah Day

Grade 4 Strathspey and Reel

1. John Henderson

2. Daniel Curtin

3. Sarah Day

Overall Grade 4 Winner

John Henderson – Wallace Bagpipes

Sign Up to Evening Classes!

Fancy learning the bagpipes? Term 2 begins on Saturday 19th January 2013 and finishes Thursday 28th March 2013. The cost is £80 for under 16s and £90 for adults for the ten week term. The classes last for 50 minutes and may start from 6pm, 7pm and 8pm Monday to Thursday and at 10am and 11am on Saturday mornings. Lessons are given in small groups where the students will be of similar standard. You will be taught by one of our expert teachers using The National Piping Centre’s instructional system.

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Highland Library Crowdfunder Project

We are looking for YOUR help to fill The Highland Library at The National Piping Centre. Donate now and you could receive a special reward for your support.

The centre has recently rennovated its Highland library which is a source of learning material, music, history and influential documents for our students and visitors as well as academic researchers.

The Library is a great space but does needs filling with new books and resources and we are now looking to the next stage of the Library’s development, which is to build up the book stock and the listening resources available for Scotland’s historic preservation. We are looking to raise £2000 to stock the library and in return will provide a concert for local school children in areas of multiple deprivation to experience the culture and music of Scotland’s National Instrument.

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SCQF Exam Diet

The National Piping Centre are holding an Exam Diet on 
Saturday 15th December 2012

Candidates will have the opportunity to sit one of the following exams:

  • SCQF Level 2- Practice Chanter (Solo performance and Theory)
  • SCQF Level 3- Practice Chanter (Solo performance and Theory)
  • SCQF Level 4- Bagpipes (Solo performance and Theory)
  • SCQF Level 5- Bagpipes (Solo performance and Theory)

Theory Exam: 10am-11am
Solo Performance Exams: 11:30 onwards
Fee: £40

To register your interest please contact Tracey Williams on or 0141 353 0220 before 10th December 2012.

Glenfiddich 2012 Live Stream

On Saturday 27th October 2012 The National Piping Centre will be hosting the first ever live video stream of the Glenfiddich Piping Championship via The National Piping Centre website. The championship is the most prestigious solo piping competition on the annual piping calendar and sees the world’s top solo pipers perform in Piobaireachd and March, Strathspey & Reel competitions.

The live stream will be hosted on The National Piping Centre’s website from 10am GMT+1 (British Summer Time) on our Livestream page.