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The National Piping Centre exists to promote the study of the music and history of the Highland Bagpipe.
Patron HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, KG, KT, GCB.
Founders: Sir Brian Ivory, CBE, FRSE - Lady Ivory, DL - Sandy Grant Gordon, CBE.    Read More

Bride Blog: The Finer Details

With the countdown to the big day gaining momentum, Helen turns her attention to the finer details of wedding planning in her latest Bride Blog...

There are just over 4 months to go now and it’s all getting quite real. I have got most of my main items ticked off but with one thing and another I had left one key detail a little late. I don’t have a hairdresser I use all the time and I was struggling to find someone whose ideas and styles I felt would fit with me and the look I wanted so I had put off really looking too hard. When I finally got round to it I realised just how popular good stylists can be causing a week or two of mild panic, including one booking that cancelled just a few days later. But problem solved, booking confirmed and now that that little drama (DRAMA?!) is over, I can really get down to the fun finer details.

But really I am in the’ to DIY or not DIY’ phase. I have a crafty soul so I decided to create my own Invitations and a few other decorations for the venue. However I am fully aware that my execution can sometimes fall short of what I envisioned. With this in mind I have chosen DIY ideas that actually involve very little freehand effort. So stamps, pre-cuts and simple ribbon that can be tied in a bow rather than a pattern that has to match up all feature highly in the overall theme of the day.

The H2B and family are actually having new kilts made for the big day. I haven’t seen him in his full finished outfit yet, I thought we should both get a surprise on the day. But the good part about this is that I have been given a bag of off cuts of tartan, so I am currently looking for creative ways of including it in the venue decorations. I know this is quite unusual but if your OH is getting kilts made it might be worth asking for your off-cuts for something creative (or not in my case) that adds a nice touch, or if not ask the hire shop about using any swatches if you want to try and tie that into the overall look of your day.

Another key consideration in my crafty planning was just how long they are all going to take. I want everything to look pretty and it’s so easy to plan to do 17 different items just to give your day that extra special look but I know from experience that hand crafting always takes about 50% longer than you ever imagined it would. So I find myself in the quandary of not starting things too soon and having to find places to store them but also not leaving them too late and spending the night before the wedding finishing something you just know most people won’t notice. However in my craft planning I am very lucky. My girlfriends love a great excuse to get together and a crafting afternoon certainly does that. As one of them even owns her own laminator I am confident they will help turn my ideas and ramblings into finished items I could only dream of doing myself. We have a day scheduled soon for them come round and help with all the making and I will provide cake and eternal gratitude!

Without giving too much away I am planning to create my own invitations, some bunting and one or two collections of other small decorative items. That makes 4 or 5 different pieces in all which I think will give my day the homemade feel I want without leaving me stressed at bringing everything together at the last minute. You may have guessed from previous posts that I’m not a ‘last minute’ kind of person but knowing this about myself will help me to prioritise the items I really want and those that if they don’t happen, well, they don’t happen. But I’m starting to feel that it really is all coming together and become reality with all the finer details are coming together. And it is those little extras that make the day personal to us as a couple, all the little things that I will look back on and be glad I did.

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The National Piping Centre exists to promote the study of the music and history of the Highland Bagpipe.
Patron HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, KG, KT, GCB.
Founders: Sir Brian Ivory, CBE, FRSE - Lady Ivory, DL - Sandy Grant Gordon, CBE

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HRH The Prince Charles,
Duke of Rothesay, Patron

with Founders, Sir Brian and Lady Ivory and the Lord Provost Bob Winter on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of The National Piping Centre.

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