Scots Guards Club 2016 CLASP Draw

Please look below at both Draws (Royal Scottish Pipers and Scots Guards Club).
These venues are quite close to each other so we are using both buildings for our competition on 16th January. (15 minute walk/9 minute drive). We will of course move things about for anyone that might be between grades to insure no one is rushing from one venue to another. Good luck to all!

Venue – Royal Scottish Pipers, 127 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 3DT
Starting Time – 10am

Grade 1 Piobaireachd

  1. Stewart Gaudin
  2. Douglas Maxwell
  3. Andrew Park
  4. Ian Graham
  5. Gordon Hislop
  6. Sandie Greenwood
  7. David McLauchlan

Lunch Break

Grade 1 – 2/4 March, Stathspey & Reel, and Jig

  1. Stewart Gaudin
  2. Ian Graham
  3. Andrew Park
  4. Janette Greenwood
  5. Liam McCann (2/4 March only)
  6. Gordon Hislop
  7. Sandie Greenwood
  8. Gregor McCulloch
  9. Stephen Whitton
  10. David McLauchlan

Grade 1 Competitors should make their way to the Scots Guards Club for the Prize Giving.

Venue – Scots Guards Club, 2 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5DR
Starting Time 10am

Grade 3 Piobaireachd

  1. Andrew Richardson
  2. Stephen Whitton (Full only)
  3. Joris Panis (F & G)
  4. George McCall (Full only)
  5. Robert Thomson (F & G)
  6. Stewart Allan (Full Only)
  7. Colin Brown (Full Only)
  8. Alfred Graf (F & G)
  9. Colin Taylor (F & G)

Grade 2 Piobaireachd

  1. Andrea Zingg
  2. Helen Thomson
  3. George Gordon
  4. Janette Greenwood
  5. Gregor McCulloch
  6. Gill Cairns
  7. Dagmar Pesta

Lunch Break

Grade 2 – 2/4 March, Stathspey & Reel, and Jig

  1. Douglas Maxwell
  2. Dagmar Pesta
  3. Stewart Allan
  4. Gill Cairns
  5. Jack Lockhart
  6. Colin Brown
  7. George Gordon
  8. Helen Thomson
  9. Andrea Zingg

Grade 3 – 2/4 March, Stathspey & Reel, and Jig

  1. Andrew Richardson
  2. Robert Thomson
  3. Alfred Graf
  4. Joris Panis
  5. Ryo Hasuda
  6. George McCall (M/SR)

Results and Prize Giving in the Scots Guards Club

WW1 MacCrae’s Battalion Piper Honoured at last

The piper who led the famous McCrae’s Battalion – which included 11 footballers from Hearts, Hibs and more – out of Edinburgh on their way to the Somme in World War 1 was honoured yesterday with a memorial in Edinburgh yesterday. Sergeant William Duguid, who had a long military career, was utilised as a stretcher bearer on the first day of the Somme, where nearly 600 out of the 810 men in the battalion were wounded or killed.

To commemorate this service, the MacCrae’s Battalion Trust yesterday unveiled a memorial stone for him, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Battalion leaving Edinburgh. You can read the full story on the Edinburgh Evening News website here

Wedding Open Evening sponsored by Braw Brides

Wedding Open Evening 2016

Join us for an intimate wedding open evening at The National Piping Centre sponsored by Glasgow’s loveliest wedding blog ‘Braw Brides’ on Thursday 14th January from 5.30pm – 8.00pm

Guest will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and canapés whilst browsing The National Piping Centre and the suppliers from Braw Bride’s Wedding Directory.

The first 30 lucky guests will receive a goodie bag on arrival. To register for tickets, please head to our facebook page here

Braw Brides logo


SPA Knockout – Chris Armstrong vs Stuart Liddell – 5th December 2015

The 2nd event in the SPA series of Knockout Contests featuring:

Chris Armstrong vs Stuart Liddell – A veritable “Clash of the Titans!”

7.00 for 7.30pm, Saturday 5th December 2015 at the College of Piping – Otago Street, Glasgow.
Tickets £7.50. Full bar service available.
Come early for a drink, a chat and a good seat.

The event will be live streamed on the College website.

The ultimate winner will receive “The Piping Times Trophy” and a cash prize sponsored by McCallum Bagpipes.
Final is on 7th May 2016.

Scots Guards Junior Piping Competition 2015

Under 18 Piobaireachd

  1. Harry MacLachlan
  2. Lewis Russell
  3. Bridge Chaimbeul
  4. Callum Brown

Under 18 MSR

  1. Bridghe Chambeul
  2. Callum Brown
  3. Ewan Murray
  4. Harry MacLachlan

Under 15 Piobaireachd

  1. Angus MacPhee
  2. Christopher Apps
  3. Luke Kennedy
  4. Finlay Cameron

Under 15 March

  1. Finlay Cameron
  2. May Cranmer
  3. Brodie Watson Massey
  4. Paul Christie

Under 15 S&R

  1. Finlay Cameron
  2. Andrew Ferguson
  3. Brodie Watson Massey
  4. Luke Kennedy

International Bagpipe Conference 2016

The International Bagpipe Conference will bring together bagpipe musicians, academics and enthusiasts from all around the world to the National Piping Centre from 26 Feb to 28 Feb 2016 for the third edition of the biennal International Bagpipe Conference.
This event is organised in collaboration with the National Piping Centre, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Glasgow University with the support of the Bagpipe Society.
From the ticket options please select the option you wish. The National Museums Scotland visit is free, however, you will need to provide your own transport. If you wish to go, please select the inclusive ticket option.

» Get your tickets here!