Ryan Canning

Ryan CanningRyan is originally from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and has been resident in Glasgow since 2003. Ryan began piping at the age of 14, taught by Pipe Major Vernon Hetherington, and in recent years by Willie McCallum. Ryan has been a member of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band for over 15 years and in his tenure has won over 35 major championship titles, including five elusive World Championships. Ryan has played a big role in the band’s musical development over the years, and his tunes have regularly featured in FMM’s competition and concert sets over the last decade, as well as being popular with bands throughout the grades. As a composer, his self-published book The Full Monty includes much of the music made famous over the years. Ryan is an accomplished solo competitor, having won prizes at several A Grade and Open competitions at prestigious venues such as the Argyllshire Gathering and the Scottish Piping Society of London’s annual competition, and is a regular face on the Scottish solo scene. In addition to teaching at the National Piping Centre since 2007, Ryan runs Canning Reedmakers, where he manufactures and sells his own brand of synthetic drone reeds.