NYPB to play for HRH Prince Charles

The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland Senior Band are preparing an open air spectacular for Tuesday 2nd June 2009, from 11.30 am until 1.30pm on the front steps outside the National Piping Centre during which they will perform for HRH Price Charles.

It is the final part of the NPC’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations which took place last year. It has been 10 years since HRH Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay officially opened the National Piping Centre as our patron and we are lucky enough to to have him visiting again!

We would like to invite you to come along to this open air concert and share in the experience. The concert is free and will be out in the open. So keep your fingers crossed that the rain stays away!

We would love to see you there to enjoy this open air spectacular and help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary along with the Prince of Wales.