Piping Degree

BA (Scottish Music – Piping) degree

Full-time, four- year honours degree validated by the RSAMD.

Piping DegreeThe Royal Conservitoire of Scotland (RCS) and The National Piping Centre (NPC) offer a specialist degree that allows pipers to study piping within the context of Scottish traditional music to the highest level. This unique degree offers the chance for students to concentrate on the complete study of piping in all forms, whilst also developing their performance under some of the best players in the world. Students receive instruction individually and in small groups and workshop settings. The course includes substantial study of the history, repertoire, contexts, traditions, performance practice and organology of the bagpipes, producing expert performers that have a deep understanding of their own, and other, traditions. Additionally, all students take instruction in a second-study instrument.

The BA (Scottish Music – Piping) students join the BA (Scottish Music) students for a wide range of related academic classes such as Gaelic, Scottish History, Transcription and Analysis, Folklore and Groupwork.

A unique feature of the BA (Scottish Music – Piping) degree is the option of focussing studies on teaching which gives students the skills required by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC), to train as classroom music teachers.

Piping Technology classes give practical experience and access to facilities for pipe-making and reed-making, as well as in-depth knowledge of the bagpipe and the practical manipulation of sound, both individually and in groups.

The vocational dimension of the course is enhanced by a student placement scheme and the RCS has a significant exchange schemes with the University of Limerick, Cape Breton University and The University of East Tennesse. The planning and delivery of the degree is a direct collaboration between the NPC and the RCS, centred in the heart of Glasgow.

All applications to British Conservatoires are done through http://www.cukas.ac.uk which is the central website for the Conservatoires UK Admission Service. There is a deadline of 1st October for applications in the year preceeding entry.

Further information is also available from either:

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Website

Finlay MacDonald
The National Piping Centre
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Tel. +44 (0)141 353 0220
Email: fmacdonald@thepipingcentre.co.uk

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